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Lukas Udstuen

2652 90th ST SE
Minneapolis , Minnesota,  55328
9522400287 (Home)

Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Consulting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, Mentoring, Music programming, Music recording, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Specialized mics, 

Media Experience : Television, Web Design, Print Media, Mobile media development, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, Slideshow production, Social media strategy, 

Bio : Although Lukas is a Minnesota native, his passion for journalism drew him southward to study at the University of Missouri. In 2013, he graduated magna cum laude with majors in Journalism and Spanish.

During his four years in college, he worked as a producer for Minnesota Public Radio, a videographer for PBS NewsHour’s Inaug Blog at President Obama’s second inauguration in Washington, D.C., and as a multimedia intern for el Foro de Periodismo Argentino in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lukas graduateed from the Missouri School of Journalism’s Convergence Program, which taught him how stories can drive the medium through which they’re told.

He is gearing up to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He plans to attend graduate school and work as a freelance journalist. He is an avid Spanish speaker and a frequent coffee drinker.

Notes : Lukas Udstuen is a bilingual multimedia journalist located in Minneapolis. He speaks English and Spanish.

He’s gearing up to work as a freelance journalist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is available for freelance work.

Estlin Usher
WFMT Radio Network

WFMT Radio Network, 5400 N. St. Louis Ave
Chicago , Illinois,  60625-4698
773/279-2112 (Office)

Available For : Consulting, Interviewing, Music programming, Promotion and Marketing, Program development, 

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, Radio Documentary, Web Design,