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Adizah Eghan

2512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
San Francisco , California,  94704


Available For : Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Tape Syncs, Print Reporting, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, 

Media Experience : Multimedia production, 

Bio : Adizah Eghan is a freelance journalist based in the Bay Area. She got her start in public radio as an intern for PRI\\\\\\\'s The World and KQED\\\\\\\'s The California Report and local news. Adizah works part-time at an education non-profit in Oakland, CA. She spends the rest of her time writing for KQED Arts and hunting for online and radio stories that depict the artistic lives of people within the Bay Area\\\\\\\'s diverse communities.

Notes : -Available for tape syncs

Alyne Ellis

Washington , District of Columbia,  20015

202-513-2732 (Office)

Bio : Alyne is the national host/producer of AARP’s radio show Prime Time Focus heard on 500 stations nationally. Alyne worked for NPR for many years on staff as an editor, producer, and trainer bringing in pieces from freelancer and staff reporters for Horizons, Performance Today, ATC and Morning Edition. She’s a freelance producer of documentaries including most recently a piece on Daniel Schorr. She’s produced several Soundprints , an audio walking guide to DC, audio for DC’s City Museum and a major series of audio tapes on kids with disability issues for national distribution to parents and school systems. She also recently co-authored a four-year series of lesson plans on radio geared to high school students. It is distributed free of charge by RTNDF and funded through the Knight Foundation.

Neenah Ellis

Yellow Springs , Ohio,  45387

937 767 0116 (Home)

Available For : Documentary production, Mentoring, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Recording Studio, Final Cut Pro, 
WYSO has multiple audio production studios, music performance studios, ISDN

Media Experience : Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Print Media, 

Bio : I'm the manager of public radio station WYSO and a long-time independent producer. WYSO offers media training courses and online courses are under development

Kate Ellis
Audio Memoir

40 Stone Rd.
Belmont , Massachusetts,  02478

617-484-0552 (Office)

Available For : Consulting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, News Reporting, Post production, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Cassette Recorder, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Minidisk Recorders, Pro Tools, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Podcasting, Slideshow production, 

Bio : Producer Kate Ellis has worked on a wide array of award-winning documentaries for American RadioWorks since joining the unit in 2001. Ellis joined ARW with extensive expertise in American race relations. The first program she worked on, Remembering Jim Crow, featured her doctoral research on white and African American memories of segregation. Ellis is the recipient of the ABA’s Silver Gavel Award, the Unity Award for public affairs/social issues reporting, and the first place Headliner Award for documentary work. Ellis got her start in public radio as a college DJ in Santa Cruz, CA. She holds a B.A. from UC, Santa Cruz , and MA in Sociology from Emory University, and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University. She has been a research fellow at Boston University’s Institute on Race and Social Division, and a visiting scholar at the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.

Sarah Elzas

Paris , France,  75019
+33 (0)6 29 56 00 21 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Consulting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, Music recording, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Minidisk Recorders, Pro Tools, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Television, Web Design, Print Media, On-air talent, Podcasting, 

Bio : Producer/journalist based in Paris, France, reporting and producing news and features for Radio France International (RFI). Open to any and all kinds of reporting, production or post-production projects. Bilingual French/English. I can do tape synchs in the Paris area as well as translating/interpreting, audio and script editing, fixing, research, transcribing, etc. Experience producing audio walking tours and some voiceover work.

Jeff Emtman

Seattle` , Washington,  98115
United States
5094321265 (Office)

Available For : Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Consulting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, Mentoring, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, 

Media Experience : Audio Art, Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Web Design, Print Media, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, Social media strategy, 

Bio : I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m a lifelong student of photography, sociology, and radio journalism. In 2011, I earned a Bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s at Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies in Bellingham, Washington. My degree is in Social Portraiture.

I was born and raised in rural south-eastern Washington by my mom and dad, who are good people. I am supposed to be a Lutheran. People have been very good to me throughout my life more than I have been good to them in return.

I spent a summer hitchhiking from the very Northwest corner of this country down to the Mississippi Delta and back. It changed me for the better.

My work stems mostly from my dreams, but other things as well, like flickering florescent tube lights. Plastic wood also interests me, as does linoleum, wallpaper, and window blinds. These are the essence of Americana.

I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t remember names or faces, though I always say that I can remember one of the two.

I prefer interesting things over happy things, though the two aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t mutually exclusive.

In 2012, I received a fellowship at Soundcloud, where I began producing a podcast about the unknown called Here Be Monsters. Give it a listen and let me know what you think: http://HBMpodcast.com

Jess Engebretson

PO Box 425,  Juba , Central Equatoria,  00000
South Sudan

Available For : Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, Mentoring, News Reporting, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Print Reporting, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Pro Tools, Specialized mics, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, International Reporting, Radio Drama, Print Media, Mobile media development, Podcasting, 

Bio : Jess is currently a Humanitarian Journalism Trainer with Internews in South Sudan, where she trains community correspondents within two displaced persons camps. She has previously trained radio journalism students at the University of Liberia, and spent a year exploring radio and reconciliation in Indonesia, Liberia, and Rwanda as a Watson Fellow. From 2011-early 2014, she was a producer with BackStory, in Charlottesville, VA.

Karen Engel

Graz , Styria,  A 8010
+43-699-10920205 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Consulting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Cassette Recorder, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Minidisk Recorders, Specialized mics, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Television, Print Media, On-air talent, 

Bio : Karen Engel is a media producer, teacher, translator and seasoned radio journalist who has produced hundreds of radio features, stories, interviews and newscasts on international and Central European politics, economics, culture, music and social issues. She has filed for NPR, Marketplace, Pacifica Radio, Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherlands, and others and was a staff producer for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF. She also co-founded and directed the Jewish Cultural Center in Graz, Austria organizing more than 60 concerts, workshops, exhibits, and other events. In cooperation with the Vienna Jewish Museum, Karen organized the exhibit MINHAG STYRIA: Jewish Life in Styria and in cooperation with the GrazMuseum, the audio exhibit, Überlebensgeschichten featuring stories of Shoah survivors from southern Austria later published as an audio book distributed to all secondary schools in the area. She works with the Vienna-based institute Centropa in organizing teacher seminars of Jewish history in southern Austria and conducts media workshops for teenagers in Austrian schools. She also teaches Information Management and Business English in college continuing education programs. She has a B.A. in History and International Relations from U.C. Davis and a M.A. in Broadcast Communication and Electronic Arts from San Francisco State University. She speaks French and German fluently, and Russian and Hebrew badly.

Dan Epstein
Epstein Gibbons Communications

Chicago , Illinois,  60618

773.782.6378 (Office)

Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Consulting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, Voiceover, 
script editing, webcasting, e-learning & distance learning development

Equipement/Studio : Cassette Recorder, DAT Recorders, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Specialized mics, 
Vegas, SoundForge, Reaper; voiceover booth; SD722 recorder

Media Experience : Audio Art, Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Radio Drama, Television, Web Design, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, 
Radio Comedy

Notes : Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP): News Director July 2010 - May 2013; Feature Producer May 2013 - present

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/radiovespa

Voiceover demos available at www.danepsteinvo.com

Reese Erlich

P.O. Box 19261
Oakland , California,  94619


Available For : Arts reporting, News Reporting, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Cassette Recorder, DAT Recorders, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Minidisk Recorders, Recording Studio, Specialized mics, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Television, Print Media, Podcasting, 

Bio : Reese Erlich has been a print and broadcast journalist for over 45 years. He regularly reports for NPR, CBC, CBS Radio, and ABC (Australia). He is a best selling author of four books. His latest is Conversations with Terrorists: Middle East Leaders on Politics, Violence, and Empire.

Caitlin Esch
Marketplace Wealth & Poverty desk

261 S. Figueroa St., Suite 200
Los Angeles , California,  90012

Daniel Estrin

Jerusalem , Israel,  92301


Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Specialized mics, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Slideshow production, 

Bio : Daniel Estrin is a radio producer in the Middle East.

Whitney Eulich

Calle Chilpancingo 39
Mexico City , Mexico,  06140

Available For : Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Pro Tools, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Slideshow production, 

William Everett
Treehouse Productions

6 Poinsettia Place
Brownsville , Texas,  78520

956 504-0670 (Cel)

Available For : Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, Music programming, Music recording, News Reporting, Post production, Promotion and Marketing, Tape Syncs, 

Bio : Mr. Everett is formerly producer of the classical music/literature program \"Theme and Variations. He is also a freelancer of international feature programs for such outlets as NPR, PRI/BBC and WorldVision Radio. He is most recently the producer of \"The WWI Living History Project\" hosted by Walter Cronkite.