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Beverley Abel

106 Colburn Point
Chapel Hill , North Carolina,  27516

919-929-4476 (Office)
919-259-2992 (Cel)

Bio : Beverley spent a decade producing documentaries for British TV (Channel 4, Central, BBC, etc.) After moving to the States, she joined WUNC in Chapel Hill where she spent 12 years in a variety of roles including local host of All Things Considered and other daily programming. As a producer, she helped launch WUNC\'s first daily talk show, The State of Things. She is now the producer of The World Vision Report,a weekly show about poverty and injustice in the developing world. She has taught communication skills at the University of North Carolina, and she does corporate and educational voice over work .

Jad Abumrad
WNYC Radio

108 South Elliot Place
Brooklyn , New York,  11217

212 669 2723 (Home)

Kimberly Adams
Freelance Journalist-- Cairo, Egypt

Cairo , Giza,  12566
+20 12 888 73 005 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Consulting, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, News Reporting, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Cassette Recorder, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Specialized mics, 
Digital Audio Editing (Audacity), iPhone reporting/ recording, limited video recording/ editing

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, Community Radio, International Reporting, Television, Print Media, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, 

Bio : Kimberly Adams is an American journalist based in Cairo, Egypt, and her work is regularly featured on NPR. From the halls of Capitol Hill to the ancient streets of Cairo, Kimberly has covered politics, culture, and business for television, radio, and the web at the local, national and international level.

Notes : If you need other assistance in Egypt, and I am unable to assist, feel free to contact me anyway and I can try to connect you with the right person for the job.

Theresa Adams
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Berkeley , California,  94704


Available For : Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Promotion and Marketing, Tape Syncs, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Cassette Recorder, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, 

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, Community Radio, Print Media, 


seyi adebanjo
tengade productions

New York , New York,  10451

646-249-9275 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Consulting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, Post production, Promotion and Marketing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Final Cut Pro, 
hdslr camera, audacity,

Media Experience : Community Radio, Multimedia production, Slideshow production, Social media strategy, 
documentary filmmaker, documentary photography

Bio : Seyi Adebanjo is a media artist raising awareness around social issues through audio, video, multimedia photography and writings. Seyi’s work is the intersection of art, media, imagination, ritual and politics.


Ana Adlerstein

626 E. 19th
Oakland , California,  94606

Available For : Commentary/editorials, Consulting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Non-English Languages, Public Radio, Program development, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, Social media strategy, 

Meral Agish

Brooklyn , New York,  11215


Available For : Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, Non-English Languages, Promotion and Marketing, Multimedia, 

Media Experience : Audio Art, Web Design, Print Media, Multimedia production, Podcasting, Slideshow production, Social media strategy, 
Fundraising, Grant Writing, Event Planning

Daniel Alarcon
Radio Ambulante

San Francisco , California,  94107


Available For : Documentary production, Non-English Languages, 

Media Experience : Audio Art, Radio Documentary, Print Media, 

Bio : Daniel Alarcón is Executive Producer of Radio Ambulante.

Notes : Radio Ambulante is a new production company creating audio documentaries in Spanish. In 2012, we\\\\\\\'ll be launching a 30 minute monthly podcast telling Latin American stories from all angles.

Jason Albert

1704 NW 1st Street
Bend , Oregon,  97701
541-639-1183 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Recording Studio, Specialized mics, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, Podcasting, Slideshow production, 

Bio : I have years of experience making field recordings in inhospitable environments. I reside in Bend, Oregon.

Stan Alcorn

Brooklyn , New York,  11217


Available For : Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Consulting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, Music programming, Music recording, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Pro Tools, Specialized mics, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, Podcasting, 

Bio : Stan Alcorn is a multimedia journalist based in New York City. He is a staff writer for Fast Company\'s CoExist, a fill-in producer for Marketplace Tech Report, and an independent reporter who frequently contributes to WNYC, Marketplace and NPR. He also creates documentary films for Danger Documentaries. In the past he was a researcher and production assistant at American Public Media\'s Marketplace, directed multimedia content for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at the Columbia Journalism School.

Tori Allen

Seoul , Seoul,  139-050
South Korea

Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, Music programming, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Public Radio, Voiceover, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Final Cut Pro, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Radio Drama, On-air talent, Podcasting, 

Jeff Allen

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania,  19422
2672262661 (Cel)

Available For : Interviewing, Music recording, News Reporting, Sound Editing and Mixing, Public Radio, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Pro Tools, Recording Studio, 

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, Community Radio, On-air talent, 

Bio : I have accumulated seven years of experience in community,public and commercial radio, largely as a journalist. I have hosted newscasts and reported from the field and have a good deal of interviewing experience, both live and pre-recorded. For the past year I have produced and hosted a live jazz program. I have also recorded music artists and have reasonable editing and mixing skills, both music and voice.I have specialized knowledge,through education and experience,in the legal field and computer security and forensics.

Notes : I have embarked now on a self-funded specialized, long-term radio series/blog/podcast project that will be made available to public media outlets. The project will have high appeal to both local and national audiences.

Jay Allison
Jay Allison Productions/Atlantic Public Media

50 Hilton Ave.
Woods Hole , Massachusetts,  02543


Bio : Public Radio Lifer.

Ginna Allison

Albany , California,  94706

Available For : Consulting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Cassette Recorder, DAT Recorders, Reel to Reel Tape, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Audio Art, Commercial Radio, Community Radio, International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Web Design, Multimedia production, Slideshow production, 

Rupert Allman

BBC Radio 4,  London , United Kingdom,  W12 7RJ
7801613690 (Cel)
7912583909 (Cel)

Available For : Consulting, News Reporting, Public Radio, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Television, 

Bio : BBC Radio - Executive Producer
Americana - based in London & Washington DC

Aurora Almendral

Quezon City , Metro Manila,  1101
+1 347-460-5251 (Office)
+63 998 639 0035 (Cel)

Available For : Documentary production, Field Recording, Grant Writing, Interviewing, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, 
Hindenburg Journalist

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, Podcasting, Slideshow production, Social media strategy, 

Bio : Freelance writer and radio producer. I\'ve produced radio features and podcasts, and have had audio bylines for BBC/PRI\'s The World, Feet in Two Worlds and WNYC. Before becoming a journalist, I was a Fulbright researcher on immigration in Spain and Morocco, and a poverty policy research assistant at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

I speak English, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and some French.

I\'m a co-recipient of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund grant for Vietnam in 2013. Previously I was an AIR New Voice Scholar (2012), a Feet in Two Worlds Food Reporting Fellow (2011), and a New America Media Education Beat Fellow (2010)

Jessica Aloe

Boston , Massachusetts,  02134

Available For : Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Final Cut Pro, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, Podcasting, 

Bio : .

Notes : .

Sarah Alvarez
Michigan Radio

Detroit , Michigan,  48103

7347630538 (Cel)

Available For : Documentary production, Interviewing, News Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, FTP, ISDN etc, Recording Studio, 

Media Experience : Radio Documentary, 

Jennifer Ament
Marketplace Weekend

Atlanta , Georgia,  30032

404-324-1847 (Home)

Available For : Arts reporting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Cassette Recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Recording Studio, Reel to Reel Tape, Soundslides, 
Reaper, ZoomH4n Recorder

Media Experience : Audio Art, Commercial Radio, Community Radio, International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, Social media strategy, 

Robin Amer
Medill Watchdog

Chicago , Illinois,  60625

3125138040 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Minidisk Recorders, Specialized mics, 
Reaper (audio), Adobe Premier Pro CC

Media Experience : Audio Art, Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, Slideshow production, Social media strategy, 

Bio : Robin Amer is a reporter and multimedia producer based in Chicago specializing in coverage of urban planning, housing, real estate and the built environment. She currently works as a post-graduate fellow with investigative reporting team at Medill Watchdog.

Robin\'s most recent work deals with the lingering effects of the foreclosure crisis and national efforts to fight housing discrimination and urban blight. Her work has been aired and published by Marketplace, The Architect’s Newspaper, WBEZ, WTTW and other outlets, and has been recognized by the Society for Professional Journalists and the Chicago Headline Club.

In 2013 the Robert R. McCormick Foundation named Robin a McCormick Tribune Leadership Scholar, granting her a full-tuition, merit-based scholarship to complete a master\'s degree at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Prior to that Robin spent six years as a host and producer at WBEZ 91.5FM and Vocalo 90.7FM, where she helped the station chart new ground in multimedia and digital audio production. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude from Brown University with an undergraduate degree in Art Semiotics.

Roxanne Amico
Earthstream Creative Projects, Inc.

P O Box 52
Buffalo , New York,  14213
716-812-7641 (Cel)

Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Consulting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, Music recording, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : DAT Recorders, 

Media Experience : Audio Art, Commercial Radio, Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Print Media, Multimedia production, Social media strategy, 

Bio : In 2006, some local activist friends started a radio station that was an unusual combination of community & commercial radio. For one year, I independently fully produced my own pre-recorded one-hour-long monthly news magazine show that included interviews of local activists, artists, and commentary. When the radio station ended, I continued with shorter pieces.

Born in Buffalo, NY, where it\'s become quite clear that we no longer have \"weather\", we have Climate, trumping all local systems. As a child, I was the kid who asked questions about family history. Later, I was the one who asked my family, myself, & sought answers in the world, for connections between personal history, and the world\'s events.

I went to college for art, and left because the programs within which I could afford to study were not addressing these realities, and I couldn\'t afford to spend the income on not studying how to apply my gifts in a world whose story reflected a growing loss of touch with reality.

I evolved to do this via activism, with the understanding that my aim is to stand in the intersection of expressing stories as a part of the collective process we need to unite struggles in communities & shape a culture that works for all inhabitants of the planet. I believe we need to understand what\'s being done to the world, and what we can do about it, because stories are part of the map humans use for how to survive.

Photography was my first love as a child, but I studied painting & writing in college, and over the years, I\'ve come to develop skills in audio art, interviewing and radio production & re-ignited my love for (natural world) photography.

Notes : As a visual, audio, and textual artist, my intention is to share stories that remind us how to live as human beings in relation to all inhabitants of the finite, ailing planet, in these hard times, in preparation for the collective work of shaping a sane & sustainable culture. I\'m currently working on an audio series of interviews of people thinking about and actively addressing that-One direction of several oral history projects I\'m onto. [NOTE: Also working on a new website.] I use Peak editing suite, use a Marantz 670 professional recorder, and have a small handheld Sony IC Recorder. I am literate in both Mac & PC.

Nick Andersen

54 Pleasant Street,  Cambridge , Massachusetts,  02139
2487561323 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, Music programming, Music recording, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Sound Editing and Mixing, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Television, Web Design, Print Media, Multimedia production, On-air talent, Podcasting, Slideshow production, Social media strategy, 

Bio : Nick Andersen is a 2012 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied American music history, multimedia design and French. While at UNC, he was an editor and senior reporter at the Daily Tar Heel, and also served as a DJ on the university\\\\\\\'s WXYC-FM alternative music broadcast. He was a member of the 2012 News21 WhoCanVote? investigative reporting project, and his work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He was a digital arts intern at NPR in the spring of 2013, the founding editor of Eater Detroit in summer 2013, and is currently an associate producer at On Point With Tom Ashbrook at member station WBUR in Boston. Additionally, he is host and lead producer of WBUR\'s explanatory journalism podcast, The Explicast.

Doug Anderson

Brooklyn , New York,  11215

774-270-1388 (Cel)

Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Music programming, News Reporting, Non-English Languages, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Final Cut Pro, 

Media Experience : Radio Documentary, Web Design, Multimedia production, Slideshow production, 

Bio : A recovering physics major, I now devote myself to radio and documentary production. Right after college, I spent a year in Sardinia on a fellowship, shooting a film on 16mm about daily life and tradition on an island grappling with globalization. I studied radio with Rob Rosenthal at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, and in Fall 2012, I interned at WNYC's On The Media. I now do some freelance work for WNYC and other outlets, and I also work for a startup company developing natural language search engines.

Notes : I speak fluent Italian and half-decent Spanish.

Hans Anderson

Baltimore , Maryland,  21218
United States
206-851-5194 (Cel)

Available For : Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, 

Media Experience : Community Radio, Radio Documentary, 

Bio : Hans Anderson is an independent radio producer based in Baltimore. His work has appeared on NPR\\\\\\\'s Weekend Edition Sunday and WAMU\\\\\\\'s Metro Connection. He is also a fill in producer at NPR, most recently at Weekend Edition and Tell Me More.

Robert Andersson
Awful Grace

175 East Deleware
Chicago , Illinois,  60611
312.545.7848 (Home)

Available For : Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Pro Tools, Specialized mics, 

Media Experience : Radio Documentary, Television, Web Design, Print Media, Multimedia production, Podcasting, 

Bio : Robert is a recent graduate of the Medill School of Journalism\'s graduate program. While completing his degree he worked with an investigative journalism initiative called the Medill Watchdog program, created the Medill Watchdog podcast, was a reporter for the Medill National Security Initiative and acted as a John Callaway Fellow at WTTW11\'s Chicago Tonight. He is now the host and executive producer of Awful Grace, a Chicago-based podcast that features stories of toil and the awful wisdom that comes of it.

Isabel Angell

Richmond , California,  94805

510-685-5049 (Cel)

Available For : Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Tape Syncs, Public Radio, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Pro Tools, 

Media Experience : Radio Documentary, 

Bio : I am a radio reporter based in the Bay Area. I\\\\\\\'m independent, but I have close ties with KQED, where I work as an on-call reporter for daily news, and KALW, where I report features for their news show Crosscurrents. I have had internships at NPR, Marketplace, and KPCC in Pasadena.

Tina Antolini
State of the Re:Union

New Orleans , Louisiana,  70117


Available For : Arts reporting, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Mentoring, News Reporting, Tape Syncs, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Pro Tools, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Multimedia production, On-air talent, 

Bio : Since she started making radio at the tender age of 15, Tina Antolini has produced stories on everything from the sex lives of lobsters to Iraqi religious minorities to a secret bunker in the woods of Massachusetts that houses an archive of East German films. She joins State of the Re: Union after several years as a reporter, producer and host at WFCR, the NPR-affiliate for Western New England. She’s also produced for the science and nature program Pulse of the Planet, and for a slew of national NPR and PRI programs. Her radio stories have won numerous awards, including a 2009 Gracie Award from American Women in Radio and Television for her series documenting the transgender community in western Massachusetts. Antolini received her B.A. in Ethnomusicology and American Studies from Hampshire College, and is also a graduate of the radio program at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. She can bake a mean apple pie, sing a killer cover of “Mustang Sally,” and will happily spend hours in a cafe with a stack of books and newspapers to occupy her.

Naomi Arenberg
Aesir Productions

P.O. Box 1255,  Onset , Massachusetts,  02558
5083170781 (Cel)
5082912958 (Office)

Available For : Acting, Arts reporting, Commentary/editorials, Documentary production, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, Music programming, Music recording, News Reporting, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Adobe Audition, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, FTP, ISDN etc, Recording Studio, Specialized mics, Soundslides, 

Media Experience : Commercial Radio, Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Radio Drama, Television, Print Media, On-air talent, Slideshow production, 
Music programming and hosting in international, classical, folk, and jazz.

Bio : For 22 years Naomi was on the staff at WGBH-Boston, first in classical music programming and then in news. She also hosted a long-running program that included folk, traditional, and international music.

Since 2011, Naomi has worked as an independent producer. She also hosts an acoustic music program on WUMB-Boston and provides continuity voicing on WBUR-Boston. As an adjunt instructor at Cape Cod Community College, she teaches Radio Production and Human Communication.

She is the oral historian for A Tempo Senior Move, a move management company based in New England. She records the life stories, songs, and memories that clients wish to preserve as audio files or slide shows.

Naomi also has experience in community radio and television, music performance, production, print journalism, and theater. Before embarking on a career in broadcasting, she earned an advanced degree in education and has taught a variety of subjects.

She grew up in a rural area of Massachusetts, where radio provided a connection to greater cultural activity. Radio and the medium of sound still feel like comfortable, old friends.

Amanda Aronczyk

Brooklyn , New York,  11218

646-388-2993 (Cel)

Available For : Arts reporting, Documentary production, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Public Radio, Voiceover, Program development, 

Equipement/Studio : DAT Recorders, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Pro Tools, Recording Studio, Specialized mics, 

Media Experience : Audio Art, Radio Documentary, Web Design, Multimedia production, Podcasting, 

Bio : Amanda Aronczyk has been a public radio reporter and new media producer for over 15 years, and has worked on staff at Radiolab, Marketplace, Weekend America and The Next Big Thing.

As a freelancer, she has produced podcasts for the The New Yorker and Slate, as well as reported and produced for a variety of programs, including the BBC World Service, Freakonomics and Studio 360. She’s also an adjunct faculty member at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

She\'s currently reporting on health for WNYC, New York Public Radio.

Brett Ascarelli

Hägersten , Stockholm,  126 39

Available For : Public Radio, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, 

Jenny Attiyeh

Boston , Massachusetts,  02114


Available For : Commentary/editorials, Environmental Reporting, Interviewing, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Public Radio, Voiceover, 

Media Experience : International Reporting, Radio Documentary, Television, Print Media, On-air talent, Podcasting, 

Bio : Hi there! I am Jenny Attiyeh, and I began my career in 1987 in London as a freelance reporter on the arts for the BBC World Service Radio. Specifically, I did stories for two of their programs: Meridian, and Arts and Africa.

After my work permit ran out, I returned to Los Angeles, my home city, and continued as an arts reporter for KCRW. While there, I reported and produced an award-winning documentary on Japanese-American internment during World War II. Shortly after, I was accepted to a National Public Radio residency, which brought me to Washington and to WBUR in Boston to report stories for NPR’s Performance Today.

I later attended the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. After that, I remained in New York City for 9 years, during which time I worked primarily as a reporter on public television and radio. I hosted and produced a weekly arts and culture segment for WNYC TV, a PBS station, until it went out of business (thanks to then Mayor Giuliani, who sold the station). Before the lights went out, I managed to produce a mini-documentary on the making of a Philip Glass opera, based on “Les Enfants Terribles” by Jean Cocteau.

I worked next as a correspondent for a nationally televised PBS program called “Freedom Speaks,” which focused on the media until it, too, was taken off the air. (I detect a pattern here…) In between gigs, I worked as a freelance reporter for WBAI and WNYC radio, covering local politics and the arts.

I then moved to Maine, where I lived by the harbor in Kittery, and worked as a reporter for New Hampshire Public Television. There, I covered the New Hampshire presidential primary season, and interviewed the major presidential candidates. I also participated as a panelist in nationally televised presidential debates, hosted by Peter Jennings and Tim Russert.

Following the conclusion of the New Hampshire primary season, I moved to Boston, where I initially did freelance writing on academia, the 2004 presidential campaign and the single life, among other subjects. From this base, I launched ThoughtCast.

Notes : ThoughtCast (www.thoughtcast.org) is a podcast and public radio interview program with authors, academics and intellectuals. Its purpose is to serve as a bridge between the publications and pursuits of the intellectual world and a curious, informed, mainstream audience.

By providing detailed, unhurried and personal conversation with current writers and thinkers, ThoughtCast aims to be both engaging and informative -- a hybrid that is (in my view) shockingly absent from most of American media today -- but happily NOT from AIR members!

Robert Auld

New York , New York,  10027

212-666-2257 (Office)
917-570-9697 (Cel)

Available For : Field Recording, Interviewing, Music recording, Post production, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, 
digital transfer of historical/analog audio formats

Equipement/Studio : Cassette Recorder, DAT Recorders, Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Minidisk Recorders, Pro Tools, Reel to Reel Tape, Specialized mics, 
Izotope RX3 Adv, Waves Restoration Suite, Sound Forge, Sony Vegas, Reaper

Media Experience : Community Radio, Radio Documentary, Radio Drama, Multimedia production, Podcasting, 
music recording for albums, live concert remotes

Bio : Robert Auld worked as a professional musician for 27 years. He also has experience in live concert sound mixing, location music recording, historical audio transfers (78s, transcription disks, most tape formats), and radio production. He has worked for Larry Josephson as an engineer since 2002, doing mixing, transfers, Pro Tools editing, live radio (ISDN, etc.) and, of course, tape synchs, for which he has the experience and equipment to do really well.

Clients that Robert Auld has worked for include the BBC, NPR, WFMT, Columbia University, The Manhattan School of Music, The NY Public Library at Lincoln Center, The Estate of Arturo Toscanini and many others too numerous to mention.

Robert Auld has been Chairman of the New York Section of the Audio Engineering Society and a presenter on historical audio subjects at several conventions of the AES. He has written equipment reviews and articles on audio subjects for Recording Magazine.

Notes : Members of AIR who have special media transfer requirements (old or unusual tape formats, most kinds of analog disks, etc.) will find me a good resource. I can transfer a great deal of what is out there, and if I cannot do it, I usually know who can.

I am also a very experienced remote recording engineer, in voice and music recording of all types.

Ann Marie Awad

Baton Rouge , Louisiana,  70806


Available For : Arts reporting, Environmental Reporting, Field Recording, Interviewing, News Reporting, Sound Editing and Mixing, Tape Syncs, Multimedia, Print Reporting, Voiceover, 

Equipement/Studio : Hard Disc/Flash recorder, Specialized mics, Final Cut Pro, 
Reaper DAWS, Nikon D40 dSLR camera, Photoshop, Lightroom

Media Experience : Community Radio, Print Media, Podcasting, Social media strategy, 

Bio : I\\\'m a Morning Edition host and reporter for Baton Rouge member station WRKF. I\\\'m also available for side work.

Notes : I have a Marantz PMD 660 solid state recorder which I use with a Shure sm58 cardiod mic. I mix using Reaper, but I am more than proficient with Pro Tools (I just don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t own a copy). I can take pictures; I own a Nikon d40 but I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m also familiar with the Canon interface enough to use their newer cameras.