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This FAQ is designed to help AIR producers navigate airmedia.org and answers some of your most commonly asked questions. What follows:


Before posting to the AIRdaily or emailing the Membership Director to ask for assistance, see if your question is already answered here. If not, ask away or suggest adding an item to the FAQ by emailing join@airmedia.org.


Once you fill out AIR’s “Join” or renewal form, you will be re-directed to our PayPal page, where you can submit payment online. If you’d like to pay by check, please go here for more information.   

When I try to submit my membership payment, the fields for description and amount on PayPal are blank. What gives?
The PayPal payment page doesn’t automatically populate the amount you owe. Enter in your description (AIR membership) and the amount and click “update” before submitting your payment info. Not sure how much to pay? Go to our overview of Membership Payments.

I’m having problems with PayPal. How can I send a payment? Can I call you with a credit card?
We only take credit card payments via PayPal (so if you call us with the same credit card you tried using, we’ll encounter the same issues). You can either “send money” via PayPal to pay@airmedia.org, or send a check, made payable to AIR, to: AIR, PO Box 220400, Boston, MA 02122.

I don’t have PayPal, but still want to pay online. Now what?
You can still use PayPal. Here’s how: 1. Enter in the description and the price and click update. 2. Click on “Don’t have a PayPal account?” (see below) 3. Enter in your credit card information and hit “review and continue.”




Once approved to join AIR’s network, every new member receives an email with instructions on updating their profile page and also using the AIRdaily. There are two different platforms for AIR members. One is our main site: www.airmedia.org; this is where members can find resources, peruse the Talent Directory, update their profile page, and read announcements. This is the public site for AIR. The other is AIR Interact, which is our members-only platform and the home of the AIRdaily. It is password protected. Information on our annual meeting and board elections can also be found here.

The following instructions address areas where new members sometimes have difficulty.  

How do I update my member profile, including address and bio?
Log in via www.airmedia.org / Member Login, click “edit,” make your changes, and then click, “preview,” and “submit.” Please note: if you have not previously answered the 30 questions regarding demographics and professional background, you will have to complete all required fields before you can make changes to your profile.

How do I search the Talent Directory?
The Talent Directory is the public facing data base that includes most of the producers belonging to AIR’s network. It’s intended to make it easy for acquirers and those outside AIR’s network to search for talent via geography, area of expertise, etc. Your details will automatically be made public, unless you choose to opt-out within your profile page.

Use the “advanced search” option on the Talent Directory page (it’s located under the Simple Search box). You can search by location, “available for,” “equipment,” and “media experience.”


Does logging in via www.airmedia.org log me in to the AIRdaily, too?
Alas, no. The AIRdaily and our Talent Directory (where you can update your profile) at www.airmedia.org are two separate platforms. If you change your password for one, it does not automatically change it for the other.

Why doesn’t my password to the AIRdaily work?
Your password for the AIRdaily might be different from your password for the Talent Directory. You can have your password emailed to you for both platforms. If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder. If you’re still having trouble, contact our Membership Director at join@airmedia.org and be clear about which platform you’re trying to log into.

I’m receiving the AIRdaily via email, but am wondering where I can find the AIRdaily online?
Go to www.airmedia.org and click on the AIRdaily menu item. There’s also a link under Members/Benefits. Finally, you can also access the AIRdaily directly here.

How do I search the AIRdaily archive?
Login to the AIRdaily, then click on the AIRdaily folder, which should pull up a long list of discussion items. Click on "Search" at the top right of the page. When you get your results, if you click "search" again at the bottom of the list, that will take you to page 2 of the results, and so on.


How do I change my AIRdaily subscription type from daily digest to individual emails (or vice versa)?
1. Login to the AIRdaily. 2. Click on the AIRdaily folder, which should bring up a long list of messages. 3. Scroll down the list. 4. Click on "change subscriptions" at the bottom of the page.

5. Uncheck the current subscription and check the subscription type you prefer and then click “OK” to save these changes.

I’m going to be on vacation or out of the office for a while. How do I unsubscribe to the AIRdaily so my “out of office” auto reply doesn’t spam the list?
Follow the instructions for changing your subscription type (above), but un-select all options and click “OK.” You can also click on “Preferences,” then “Email notification,” and select “Set me to "nomail" to temporarily suspend all my email subscriptions” and click OK to save.

What’s the best way to post to the AIRdaily?
The easiest way is to send an email to airdaily@interact.airmedia.org from your email address that’s subscribed to the AIRdaily. The AIRdaily cannot accommodate HTML messages.

For more instructions on how to use the AIRdaily, go here:


What is AIR’s Public Media Scan? How do I subscribe to it?
Most of us aren’t able to stay on top of the constantly evolving media landscape. AIR is committed to helping keep you apprised of the new ways inventive makers are using technology. Each week, AIR’s Public Media Scan delivers via email quick hits culled from hundreds of sites. Go here to see to see the latest Scan, and go here to subscribe.

How can I participate in AIR’s Mentorship program?
AIR’s unique peer-to-peer training program dates back to 1994. Since its inception, thousands of producers have benefited from tapping into AIR’s rich brain trust. You must be an AIR member for six months before you’re eligible to be assigned a mentor. You must be working on a specific project/piece and have one specific skill you want to hone (ex. I’m working on a piece about Nigeria that’s going to air on The World and would like help shaping the narrative.). Learn more and feel free to email our membership director at join@airmedia.org with your questions.

Where can I go to find public radio shows that accept pitches?
AIR’s Pitch Page is the best resource. There you’ll find contact information, compensation, and pitch guidelines. Can’t find what you’re looking for there? Contact NPR’s Liaison to Indies Paul Ingles at paul@paulingles.com.

Does AIR offer a press pass for members?
No. AIR is not a journalistic organization and therefore we don’t have a particular/codified ethical standards of practice. Without some formal verification mechanism in place to vet someone's qualifications, issuing press credentials to all dues-paying members could compromise the credibility of the organization and also risk liability.

Where can I go for information about equipment and software?
Your most immediate needs can often be addressed by posting your question to airdaily@interact.airmedia.org (the AIRdaily listserve). Chances are, there are many others who have the same question, or have already discovered a solution. Our friends and colleagues at Transom are another recommended destination. There, you’ll find many resources about equipment and software, with reviews by veteran AIR producer and Transom Tools Editor Jeff Towne.
I’d like to connect with AIRsters in my area. How do I find out if there’s a regional group of producers that meets near me?
Visit our Regional Groups page and email join@airmedia.org if you need that group's organizer contact info.

I want to network with other producers in my region. Can I set up my own regional group?
If you want to start your own regional group, email our membership director (join@airmedia.org) for recommendations. If you want to tell us about a regional group that you organize that isn’t already listed on our page, complete this form.

You know it when you feel it… that moment of heart/mind recognition when you hear an exceptionally well produced story. We call it "zing" and it's what AIR works to cultivate and spread. You can help:

How can I put the AIR logo on my website?
Visit our Be an AIR Ambassador page for logos you can use. Send us a link to your site once you’ve added it.

Where can I get one of those nifty t-shirts I’ve seen folks wearing?
You can order it online.