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March 20, 2012

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AIR’s Public Media Lab to Convene, Inspire Localore Collaborative Teams
Producers, station partners will meet with storytelling innovators, refine project ideas

Boston: In late March, the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) will host a two-day Public Media Lab to bring together the producers and station representatives who will be leading 10 Localore projects across the country. The event, taking place at the studios of WGBH, will offer these collaborative teams a chance to more deeply explore how their projects will express Localore’s mission to bring new technical and journalistic ingenuity to expanding service to a wider public.

Localore is a $2 million initiative produced by Boston-based AIR, with more than $1 million in funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting directed to support the Localore teams at public radio and television stations for up to one year. Lead producers are tasked with crafting journalism projects that blend digital and broadcast technology, and “go outside” public media’s core platforms and traditional audiences. For the Public Media Lab, they will collaborate with station staff to develop presentations about their projects, in the style of the Ignite gatherings that have been held in more than 100 cities worldwide.

Here are the Localore projects, which began launching March 1, along with the lead producers and their respective station liaisons:

  • Austin Music Map: Delaney Hall with David Brown of KUT-FM, Austin, Texas
  • Black Gold Boom: Todd Melby with Dave Thompson of Prairie Public Broadcasting, Fargo, North Dakota
  • Curious City: Let’s Get Answers: Jennifer Brandel with Shawn Allee of WBEZ-FM, Chicago, Illinois
  • Hear Here: A Pop-Up Radio Project: Erica Mu with Audrey Dilling of KALW-FM, San Francisco, California
  • iSeeChange: Julia Kumari Drapkin with Ariana Brocious of KVNF-FM, Paonia, Colorado
  • Planet Takeout: Val Wang with Phil Redo of WGBH Radio and Television, Boston Massachusetts
  • Reinvention: Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, with Sally Buckingham of WYSO-FM, Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Sonic Trace: Anayansi Diaz-Cortes with Jacob Conrad of KCRW-FM, Los Angeles, California
  • The Last Semester: Ken Eklund with Andi McDaniel of Twin Cities Public Television, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • The Making Of...: Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson (the Kitchen Sisters) with Jo Anne Wallace of KQED Radio and Television, San Francisco, California

Localore teams will also draw lessons from leading innovators, who will discuss their own experiences with creating compelling transmedia projects. Game designer and entrepreneur Nicholas Fortugno will present Designing for Participation, while interactive documentarian Pete Nicks, the Emmy-winning director of The Waiting Room, will offer advice on morphing from public media producer to social entrepreneur. Zeega—a technology team that emerged from MQ2 project Mapping Main Street, and was awarded a 2011 Knight News Challenge Grant—will be on hand to advise Localore producers at the Lab and huddle with 8 of the 10 Localore teams, with whom they’ll collaborate on an ongoing basis.

AIR is a vibrant, tightly networked association of more than 800 journalists, documentarians, technicians, media entrepreneurs, and sound artists. Founded in 1988, AIR has emerged as force for identifying, cultivating, and deploying talent to accelerate public media innovation and expand service to more citizens across the U.S. AIR’s membership now spans 46 states and 14 countries worldwide including leading stations, 501c3s, organizations and networks including APM, BBC, NPR, PRI, PRX, the Third Coast International Audio Festival, and Transom. In addition to CPB, financial support for Localore comes from the MacArthur Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Wyncote Foundation.


Learn more about the Localore projects: http://airmediaworks.org/localore
Localore producer bios: http://airmediaworks.org/meet-localore-producers

Public Media Lab presenter bios:

Peter Nicks is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced projects for network, cable and public television exploring topics such as immigration, journalism and technology. He has also directed media strategy for two social networking start-ups and developed transmedia storytelling projects that make use of emerging social media platforms. He worked as a staff producer for ABC News in New York and as a producer for the innovative PBS documentary series Life 360. Nicks is currently producing and directing the documentary-social media hybrid The Waiting Room, which explores the impact of America’s health care policy on one county hospital and the population of largely uninsured patients it serves. Peter Nicks earned his Masters in documentary filmmaking from the University of California, Berkeley in 1999. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.  He will present at the Localore Public Media Lab on From Media Maker to Social Entrepreneur.

Nick Fortugno is a game designer and entrepreneur of digital and real-world games based in New York City, and a founder of Playmatics, a NYC game development company. Playmatics has created a variety of games including the CableFAX award winning Breaking Bad: The Interrogation and the New York Public Library's centennial game Find the Future with Jane McGonigal. For the past ten years, Fortugno has been a designer, writer and project manager on dozens of commercial and serious games, and served as lead designer on the downloadable blockbuster Diner Dash and the award-winning serious game Ayiti: The Cost of Life.  Nick is also a co-founder of the Come Out and Play street games festival hosted in New York City and Amsterdam since 2006, and co-creator of the Big Urban Game for Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2003. Nick teaches game design and interactive narrative design at Parsons The New School of Design, and has participated in the construction of the school's game design curriculum. Nick's most recent writing about games can be found in the anthology Well-Played 1.0: Video Game, Value, and Meaning, published by ETC-Press.  His presentation at the Localore Public Media Lab is Designing for Impact.