AIRís 2013 "Live Interactive" Collaboration/Residency --> Transmedia

AIR and free103point9, a 15-year old media arts non-profit operating WGXC 90.7FM, join forces to offer, for the first time, a ten-week residency to support two producers developing new collaborative work.

We’re looking for adventurous media-makers, artists, and documentarians interested in teaming up in Spring 2013 to explore/exploit media that spans the broadcast/transmission, digital, and “street” platforms. Our selected team of two will receive a $10K stipend to work on-site for eight of the ten weeks in upstate New York. Two weeks will be devoted to planning and advance preparation.

Please note: While we will only be officially selecting two residents who will be eligible for accommodations and funding, you are welcome to work with additional collaborators.

Applicants may be involved as collaborative partners already, or may be coming together for the first time. We’ll also accept applications from individuals interested in finding a partner/open to a match-up by AIR.

In addition to the stipend, our Live Interactive Residents will have resources and additional support including:

•    Housing for eight weeks in Acra, NY (near Hudson and Catskill)
•    Live broadcast studios
•    A research library
•    A dynamic community of media-makers associated with the station

Are you who we’re looking for? This is a great opportunity for those with bold ideas who need a supportive space to experiment with broadcast/transmission media. We want gifted makers who have an appetite for risk, and who are bringing ideas that have potential to expand and broaden our understanding of a converged, multiplatform spectrum.  Among the hundreds of makers who have worked with free103point9 are Gregory Whitehead, Brenda Hutchinson, Anna Friz, and Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler who, with Jason Cady, created a continent-spanning project called Chorus of Refuge.

Interested producers will be asked to complete an on-line application detailing their experience and their proposed project. The strongest applicants will be those who are recognized for having high standards in work ethics and quality, and able to work both independently and as part of a team. The strongest proposals will put forward ideas that show the most promise of:

1.    transcending traditional or familiar uses of media,
2.    dissolving the barriers between broadcast, digital and/or street media (including installation work), and
3.    extending out in an on-going way, either in a direct way as a “work-in-progress,” or as part of the producers’ continuum of artistic or professional development.

Those applying as a team must select a lead producer/representative.

Key dates:



We will notify our winning Live Interactive Residents by mid-December.

The dates for the residency will be negotiated with the selected producers for a 10-week period between February 1 – May 31, 2013. 

ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED BY MAY 31, 2013.  If you are not able to complete the 10-week term by that date, do not apply.

If you have questions, please contact AIR’s Membership Director Erin Mishkin <>

About free103point9:
Founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 1997, as an artists' collective creating works for radio transmission, in 2002, free103point9 became a nonprofit arts organization focused on cultivating Transmission Arts. This genre encompasses a diversity of practices and media working with the idea of transmission or the physical properties of the electromagnetic spectrum (the airwaves). Transmission art is generally a participatory live-art or time-based art, and often is made manifest as radio art, video art, installation, and performance.

Now based in upstate New York, free103point9’s major programs include the TRANSMISSION ARTS ARCHIVE: a resource featuring artists, works, and exhibitions and events that define the genre and place it in a historical context; WAVE FARM RESIDENCIES: a visiting artist and artist-in-residency program; WGXC 90.7-FM: a creative, community, non-commercial FM radio station serving Greene and Columbia counties; and the administration of a REGRANT PROGRAM for the New York State Council on the Arts, Electronic Media and Film, providing support to New York media artists and organizations.


Financial support for Live Interactive comes from the National Endowment for the Arts which believes a great nation deserves great art.