Public Media's Moment 

...while public media continues to provide an essential public service, its founding mission has yet to be fully realized.  There have been many conferences held and ink spilled about how and why public broadcasting has been unable to reach it's potential.  The reasons include chronic under funding, undue political influence, a faulty government structure, increasing commercial pressures, and slow adaptation of the opportunities afforded by digital technology...We face the choice of whether to accept a mediocre status quo, and maintain one of the lowest-funded public media systems in the developed world or aspire to become a global leader in television, radio, and the Internet. If we are to accomplish the latter, we must craft bold, strategically sound policies..."

...from Public Media's Moment
by Josh Silver, Lauren Strayer, and Candace Clement

AIR convenes a producers meeting on Tuesday, September 15th at 2pm in Cleveland, OH as part of PRPD's Public Radio Programming Conference. The meeting opens with a lively discussion open to all led by Davia Nelson of the Kitchen Sisters, with AIR's Sue Schardt, John Barth of PRX, and Candace Clements who's recently published a book Changing Media: Public Interest Policies for the Digital Age.  We encourage you to read their chapter entitled Public Media's Moment


This session is just one of the events planned as part of the first ever collaboration between AIR, PRPD and the Third Coast International Audio Festival which brings Program Directors and producers together in new ways to consider the challenges and opportunities before us.