Feature article in June 2006 AIRblast

Joe Richman's Radio Diaries 

Joe Richman's Radio Diaries

There were presentations at UNICEF and Open Society Institute, the Lower East Side Girls Club and The Match School, UCLA and Wesleyan, and even a CNN appearance with Bill Clinton. That's a small taste of what took place this spring during Joe Richman's month long, five city tour with radio diarist Thembi Ngubane, a 21 year old South African woman with AIDS. In a Radio Diaries first, the tour was used to complement the broadcasting of Thembi's AIDS Diary, powerfully expanding the story's reach and scope.

Next up for Joe and Thmebi: a tour of South Africa in February.

"I didn't realize before that my story was so touching and important. Coming to the US and meeting so many people and having them hear my story... it made me feel like a star. And now I know I have a lot of work to do back in South Africa." —Thembi

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