Feature article in July 2006 AIRblast

Gregg McVicar, UnderCurrents

Gregg McVicar

Gregg in sunny California. Can you tell?

Every week Gregg McVicar produces a whopping 35 hours of music programming without breaking a sweat. He's the host and producer of the mold-breaking eclectic music program UnderCurrents, a program created ten months ago in partnership with Koahnic Broadcast and with support from CPB. Conceived in response to Native Radio’s request to diversify and add programming, the most striking aspect of UnderCurrents is the way it challenges conceptions of Native music and Native tastes. The songs of Beck and Bjork are heard next to those of Robbie

Robertson, Neil Young and Bob Marley—a rare surprise even in Public Radio. Gregg's explanation: “Everybody loves these artists, Native or not, so it’s a great way to transcend — appealing to more stations and listeners while being very inclusive of some more obscure artists who contribute a lot of flavor and cultural interest to the mix.”

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