Mic Shootout

Have you and your microphone lost that special zing? Are you playing the field, but just not sure of what you’re listening for? Don’t fret! AIR’s popular Mic Shootout is just around the corner.

Come join AIR and an assembled mass of producers who will be trying out microphones of all types and models at our one-day intensive, organized in conjunction with WGBH in Boston, MA. Participants will get hands-on experience with a range of microphones in multiple environments with the guiding ears of Miles Smith and Jane Pipik (bios follow). We'll compare different types of mics in studio settings, and in different interior and exterior environments.

Date: Saturday, May 23, 8:30 am – 5 pm

Location: WGBH’s new studios at One Guest Street in Brighton, MA, 02135. For directions and parking information, visit WGBH online.

To register: We have space for 20 participants, on a first-come, first-serve basis, AIR members get first dibs, then we’ll open it to the wider universe. To register, please visit: Intensive Workshop Application


  • The fee for the intensive is $100, payable at the time you register. The fee includes coffee/pastries and lunch. You may pay via Paypal or by check.

    Refund Policy: Should you need to cancel, you'll receive half of your registration fee back until May 1. After May 1, the fee is non-refundable.

  • AIR members not living in the Boston area are entitled to a $50 travel stipend. Regardless of your status, you will be required to pay the full amount upfront, and invoice AIR for the stipend as appropriate after the intensive.

  • If you’d like to join AIR, fill out an application.


Instructor biographies:

Miles Smith is a freelance audio engineer based in the Boston area who has been involved with AIR since it’s inception, primarily offering training and technical support. Miles is currently on staff at WGBH Radio in Boston. He is also the recording engineer for the NPR program Selected Shorts, Chief Engineer for the Spanish Beisbol Network, and works with This American Life as a consultant, and as location engineer for their live shows.

Jane Pipik is a production and recording engineer at WGBH-FM Radio Boston. Her work at WGBH has involved all aspects of both studio and remote live recordings, including post-production for all media related audio and CD mastering. Jane has been an audio instructor at Emerson College, New York University, The Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Fellowship Program, Pacifica Radio and WGBH Radio.