Feature article in November 2006 AIRblast

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Steve Rowland’s 

Steve Rowland

What if independent radio producers could quickly and easily sell their work directly to the public? Steve Rowland's newly-launched is now offering producers that very opportunity. ArtistOwned is an online audio distribution site similar to those of, PRX and iTunes, but with its own innovative spin. Operating primarily as a music distribution site, its purpose is to promote independent work by connecting the artist directly to the listener. Anyone can download material from the site for a small fee. The artist receives 55% of the sale, all the while retaining ownership of the material. There's no risk and no cost.

Initially offering material exclusively from jazz musicians, ArtistOwned has now opened its doors to radio producers. Steve's own Peabody Award-winning series "The Miles Davis Radio Project" is now posted on ArtistOwned, soon to be accompanied by a wealth of work from other radio producers. For Steve, developing this body of material should just be a matter of time, as radio producers realize the untapped earning potential made possible by selling directly to listeners. You can contact Steve Rowland to inquire about posting work on ArtistOwned.