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November 21, 2013: ITVS Joins AIR and Prairie Public Broadcasting to Support Award-Winning Black Gold Boom

October 30, 2013: AIR and PRNDI Stoke Local News Fire: Effort underway to build roadmap for indie contributors and stations newsrooms

April 10, 2013: AIR <> Localore.net <> Lift Off!

February 1, 2013: AIR’s 2013 Live Interactive Residents Focus on Wage/Working

January 23, 2013: AIR and ITVS Partner Up to Double Down on Public Media Innovation

March 20, 2012: AIR’s Public Media Lab to Convene, Inspire Localore Collaborative Teams

February 9, 2012: BBC Announces Public Radio Partnership

January 30, 2012: AIR Names Ten to Transform Public Media

December 19, 2011: AIR Opens a New Public Media Frontier 

November 1, 2011: AIR Taps Zeega to Further Catalyze Public Media

September 27, 2011: Public Media Stations Step up for Localore

September 22, 2011: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Announces Funding to Enhance Public Media’s Digital Journalism Capacity

September 15, 2011: AIR’s Localore Taps Public Media Ingenuity

September 1, 2011: AIR Prepares to Push Public Media's Envelope.

March 9, 2011: Schardt to NPR: Let's Think Bigger. Can public radio live up to its name?

December 6, 2010: AIR and ITVS Scan Public Media’s Independent Journalists

October, 7, 2010: Two Named to AIR/KEXP Live Interactive Residencies 

May 17, 2010: AIR Unveils the New AIRwiki

April 23, 2010: FCC Announces Agenda of Second Future of Media Workshop: Public and Other Noncommercial Media in the Digital Era

August 5, 2009: AIR Making Creative Media Scholarships 

August 3, 2009: AIR Elects New Board Members Ellen Horne and Wesley Horner 

June 29, 2009: Drizin Steps Up to MQ2

June 18, 2009: AIR Announces New Collaboration with PRPD: Brings Third Coast Audio Festival to Public Radio’s Programming Conference 

June 5, 2009: "There Is a Great Reshaping Going On": AIR Executive Director’s Remarks to Producers at the Virtual Annual Membership Meeting

May 8, 2009: MQ2 Takes Public Media to the Streets

March 19, 2009: Leading US Public Radio Organizations Reaffirm Call for Release of Roxana Saberi

February 13, 2009: Association of Independents in Radio Names Producers Chosen to "Shape the Sound of Tomorrow" 

February 4, 2009: Where We Stand: AIR Looks Ahead 

January 14, 2009: Hammad Ahmed Goes Live-Interactive 

January 9, 2009: AIR Responds to Cancellation of NPR and APM Programs

December 3, 2008: AIR Names Producer of Program Engagement 

November 14, 2008: Public Radio Makers Quest 2.0 Taps 30 to Propose New Approaches 

October 9, 2008: Makers Quest 2.0 Open for Nominations at MQ2.org

October 1, 2008: AIR seeks a “Live-Interactive” Resident — Seattle collaboration with Jack Straw Productions and KUOW

September 19, 2008: Public Radio Makers Quest 2.0 Urges Producers to "Shape the Sound of Tomorrow"

August 22, 2008: Eighteen Signed On for AIR’s "Sounds Elemental"