Demystifying AIRdaily, AIR's Online Gathering Place

The AIRdaily is the heart and soul of our society of producers. It's where AIR members can swap stories, secure gigs, and troubleshoot technical problems. This 24/7 online gathering place is an invaluable resource to our members. The following set of instructions provides tips that will help you manage your relationship with AIRdaily - ones you might not know about.

There are three ways to receive the AIRdaily:
1. Individual e-mail messages. Each and every e-mail that is sent to the discussion list - from five to 35 a day - comes straight to your inbox. If you feel you aren't getting enough e-mail each day, this is for you.
2. Daily digest. The most popular choice among our members, the digest provides the day's discussions in one e-mail. You can even choose what time of day the digest arrives.
3. At No e-mails are sent to your inbox. Instead, you visit the discussion list online where the messages are listed - most recent at the top - by subject line. You can create new discussion topics or contribute to those already posted.

Contributing to the AIRdaily
You can contribute to the AIRdaily in two ways:
1. Send an e-mail to
2. Log in to Click on the AIRdaily folder and then scroll down the list of recent discussions. From the menu at the bottom, click on "discussion" under "add." After entering your message, click "add discussion."

Retrieving Password
If you have forgotten your password, there is a button on the login page that will send you a password reminder. If you don't see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

To Change the Way that You Receive the AIRdaily or to Suspend the List While on Vacation
1. From the menu when you log in, click the "AIRdaily" folder.
2. From the menu at the bottom click "Change Subscriptions," which allows you to select individual e-mails, the digest, or viewing messages online.
3. To unsubscribe completely, uncheck all three of these options.

To Change the E-mail Address Where the AIRdaily Is Sent
Once you are logged in at
1.  From the menu at the bottom of the page, choose "Preferences."
2. Choose "E-mail address settings."
3. Enter your new e-mail address and click "Set Preference."

To Change How Often You Receive the Digest
Once you are logged in at
1. From the menu at the bottom of the page, choose "Preferences."
2. Choose "E-mail Notification."
3. Select whatever days and times you would like a digest sent to you.

To Change the Format of the Messages from the Regular Mailing List
If you are receiving the AIRdaily as individual e-mails, not as a digest, you have options about whether to receive each message in full or as a list of topic areas that are hyperlinked to allow you to click through to read the full message on the Web site.
Once you are logged in at
1. From the menu at the bottom of the page, choose "Preferences."
2. Choose "E-mail Notification."
3. Check (or uncheck) the box beside "For your e-mail subscriptions, send full e-mail messages."

To Change Your Password
Once you are logged in at
 1.    From the menu at the bottom of the page, choose "Preferences."
 2.    Choose "Change Password."
 3.    Enter your new password and click "Set Preference."

Visit our detailed instructions on using the AIRdaily or revisit the Spring 2007 issue of AIRspace, A User's Guide to  for more tips on navigating the Web site.