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Braidio: The Fire Guy
by Veronica Simmonds. May 2014 listen

#YSLTF: "A Need to Build"
by Karen Duffin, for KCRW's UnFictional. May 2014 listen

Come inside AIR's Full Spectrum

by Stephanie Coleman, edited by Christopher Allen. March 2014 listen

Real America 2013
with pieces by Amanda Aronczyk, Ben Walker, Julia Scott, and Sarah Richards.
January 2014 (playlist) listen

That Defining Moment
by AIR New Voice, Kristina Sutton.
November 2013 (9:00) listen

Founders' Montage
by Karen Michel and Barrett Golding, with Robin Wise. Compiled in honor of AIR's 25th anniversary.
September 2013 (5:39) listen

Listening, Pleasure
compiled by Karen Michel and Samara Freemark.
August 2013 (playlist) listen

by Laura Hadden and Tennessee Watson.
July 2013 (7:32) listen

This Is Localore
A documentary.
May 2013 / experience

Localore Metasite
An interactive portal to all 10 projects.
April 2013 / experience

Play the City!
from Localore's Austin Music Map.
March 2013 / experience

The Farmers' Almanac
from Localore's iSeeChange.
January 2013 / experience

Localore: The Story So Far
produced by AIR.
November 2012 (4:08) watch

The Making Of... The Call for Stories
from The Kitchen Sisters and KQED.
October 2012 (5:45) listen

Fight Night in Crude Country
from Black Gold Boom.
July 2012 (2:07) watch

Sounds Elemental: Wood
by Brenda Hutchinson.
May 2012 (32:05) listen

Unpacking SoundCloud: AIR Producer Webinar
by Evan Tenenbaum.
March 2012 (48:23) view

Sounds Elemental: Metal
by Brenda Hutchinson.
February 2012 (20:41) listen

How to Cut a Mango
by Lisa Matuska.
November 2011 (10:23) listen

The Localore Launch
In mid-September 2011, the Association of Independents in Radio, Inc. launched Localore, a project that brings more than a million dollars in CPB funding to support independent producers tasked with helping increase local public stations' innovation capacity. This video showcases the first crop of the radio and television stations across the U.S. vying to become Localore incubators. By Noland Walker.
October 2011 (6:35) view

Bradley Klein on Producing Audio Tours
By Bradley Klein.
August 2011 (12:27) listen

Work in Progress
By Angela Evancie, Compton Mentor Fellow at North Country Public Radio.
May 2011 (7:17) listen

What is the Sky?
Sounds Elemental producer intensive, hosted by Tony Field and produced by Brenda Hutchinson.
April 2011 (13:17) listen

Why Music Matters
KEXP partnered up with AIR for our 2010–11 Live Interactive Residency. DJ Kevin Cole introduces this new series produced by Anna Boiko-Weyrauch. Listen to how music helped an Olympic athlete break a record.
March 2011 (11:28) listen

Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound
From a live event recorded at WGBH Boston in fall 2010 and produced by Atlantic Public Media. It is inspired by the book of the same name, edited by producer John Biewen and Alexa Dilworth.
January 2011 (1:00:02) listen

Shackelford and Millington's Forever: Afterword
Shea Shackelford and Virginia Millington share their award-winning story along with reflections from the subjects themselves, Carol and Joel, about the impact that the making-of had on their lives.
December 2010 (17:31) listen

Sounds Elemental: Earth
An extended audio compliation by Brenda Hutchinson
November 2010 (33:32) listen

Sounds Elemental: Earth
An audio slide show by Brenda Hutchinson
September 2010 (6:58) view

AIR Executive Director’s Annual Report to Members
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
August 2010 (11:10) listen

Story, Snap Judgement Style
Glynn Washington
June 2010 (13:10) listen

Confessions of a Heavy User
Producer Gregg McVicar delivers on ContentDepot
April 2010 (8:41) listen

AIRster Roman Mars does the remix
February 2010 (9:08) listen

Pulling Back the Curtain: Behind the Scenes at AIR
A message from President David Freedman
January 2010 (6:41) listen

Podcast Eavesdrop
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
November 2009 (8:53) listen

Clap Your Hands, Now
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
October 2009 (10:05) listen

The Changing Time
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
September 2009 (5:30) listen

Dip in the Pool and a Sip of Cool
An audio cocktail of sounds from MQ2
July 2009 (4:29) listen

Lean + Mean Is the Way to Be
A message from Executive Director Sue Schardt
June 2009 (6:54) listen

Fire in Winter; It's Spring
A production from the Sounds Elemental Intensive: Fire
May 2009 (
46:43) listen

Thinkers, Termites, Happiness
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
March 2009 (10:23) listen

Today's Sharp Sparkle
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
February 2009 (4:22 minutes) listen

Sounds Elemental: Water
Produced by Brenda Hutchinson
December 2008 (59:35 minutes) listen

Knock Me Your Lobes
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR executive director
November 2008 (8:31 minutes) listen

Curtis Fox Feeds His Children
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR executive director
October 2008 (10:33 minutes) listen

Waters Running
A message from Sue Schardt, AIR Executive Director
September 2008 (7:08 minutes) listen

The Sounds of Summer
A Message from Membership Director Erin Mishkin
July 2008 (5:22 minutes) listen

From her lips to your ears
June 2008 (6:24) listen

AIRsters Mingle in Atlanta
April 2008 (8:07) listen

Forgetting Public Service
Reflections on the Integrated Media Association
March 2008 (6:52) listen

Listening In
An AIR Update
February 2008 listen



Below are the AIRpod archives. AIRpod was our previous AIR podcast, prior to AIRmuse. You can download and listen to past podcasts using the links for each below.

073007 Creative Sound Assemblage (46:59)
In May of this year, AIR partnered with Harvestworks Digital Media Center in New York to present a week-long intensive in Creative Sound Assemblage for Radio Producers. The workshop was led by sound artists Michael Schumacher and Hans Tammen. Each of the eight participants came to the workshop with an idea they wanted to realize over the course of the week. The eight short pieces were later assembled into a single podcast, now available for your listening enjoyment. 
Complete Creative Sound Assemblage Details Artist bios, pictures, and more 

050802 Pitching On the Media (14.11)
On the Media's co-host and editor explains what sort of pieces they are looking for from independent producers. If you want to pitch OTM, email senior producer Katya Rogers at krogers at WNYC dot org.
Links to the pieces excerpted:  Pulling Back the Curtain
Fear and Loathing in the Forecast

050722 Summer AIRSPACE
This is the first ever podcast edition of AIRSPACE, AIR's quarterly journal about independents in radio. Listen to in-depth behind the scenes audio from the Summer 2005 edition of AIRSPACE. Featuring the work of Jones Franzel, Lena Eckhart-Erdheim, S. Spencer Scott, Celia La Luz, and Tamara Hopkins, it's all about youth produced radio. Read this issue of AIRSPACE while you listen.

050627 Independents & PRX
Jake Shapiro, executive director of the Public Radio Exchange, explains how it works and how much money independent radio producers have been making from the PRX digital clearinghouse. Also, some audio snippets from AIR members.

050531 Whatcha Working On, Joe?
(14.41) Independent Joe Richman of Radio Diaries accounts for himself. Send your mp3s of tape that YOU are working with, 45 seconds or less, including your ID and intro, to: curtisfox at earthlink dot net, for a future AIRpod.

050517 Podcasting and Public Radio: Good, Bad or ?
(13.40) AIR's first Podcast: Phil Redo, VP of Operations and Strategy at WNYC in New York, thinks about how public radio can survive in the age of podcasting and satellite radio. 

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