AIR Clinics Spring 2007

This Spring, AIR is offering three clinics for beginning radio producers: Interviewing, Writing, and Editing with ProTools.  Six participants will be accepted for each four-hour clinic, and each participant should expect a significant amount of personal attention.  The clinics will be held at AIR’s office in New York City (38 Greene Street, Manhattan). AIR Member and independent producer Laura Starecheski will teach this series.

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Cost: $100 per person per clinic (payable in advance)

Method of payment:Checks preferred but VISA acceptable

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If paying by VISA there will be a $5 surcharge
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Clinic descriptions

1. Interviewing

Saturday March 17, 2007
12 – 4pm

What is that elusive thing known as “great tape”?  How do you walk into an interview knowing what you want to get out of it, but still maintain a feeling of spontaneity in your recording?  How do you put an interviewee at ease when asking difficult questions?

At this clinic, we’ll listen to some problem interviews, and enjoy some brilliant ones.  Bring tape from an interview you had trouble with, and we’ll listen and discuss how you could have salvaged it, or avoided problems in the first place.  We’ll also go over production plannning strategies, pre-interviewing, and how to decide who to talk to and why before you ever even break out your microphone.

2. Writing

Saturday April 21, 2007
12 – 4pm

You can have the most surprising, exciting tape in the world, but a wordy or overwrought script can drag your piece right down into the muddy depths of mediocrity.

This script clinic will focus on writing for the ear.  Bring scripts that you’re working on and we will subject them to read-throughs, rewrites and restructuring.  We will work on how to interact with tape, how to avoid scripts that sound written, or read, and how to develop your own voice.  

3. Editing with ProTools

Saturday May 19, 2007
12 – 4pm

At the beginning of a production, there is a dream.  A dream of a smooth and beautiful final mix… but then, somehow, it’s 3AM, you’re on deadline, and that dream gets lost in a confusion of cables, choppy-sounding edits, and digital distortion.

But all is not lost.  AIR’s editing clinic will help you organize a session, make clean edits, and achieve perfect pacing.  You’ll leave with an understanding of how to use basic plug-ins (effects), and how to do a final mix of a piece.  

This clinic will include the basics but assume some familiarity with ProTools.  Participants should bring in a piece that’s been at least partially edited, and we’ll problem-solve and trouble-shoot your drafts.

Take the three as a sequence and workshop a piece from start to finish, or choose an area where you need particular help.  These clinics are intended for works-in-progress, so keep that in mind when registering: you bring your problems, we help you fix them… and teach you skills you can use in your future productions. 

About the teacher:

Laura Starecheski is an independent audio producer in New York City.  She is a mentor for NPR's Next Generation Radio, and teaches sound production to students of all ages at CUNY's Borough of Manhattan Community College.  Laura is also a teaching artist at New York City's public high schools with the Student Press Initiative, and at the Davis Museum in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

aura learned the craft of radio production from the talented staff of WNYC's The Next Big Thing, and has produced for Weekend America, Studio 360, The World and others.  She is an associate producer at Curtis Fox Productions in Brooklyn.  Her documentary "Goat on a Cow", co-produced with Jad Abumrad and Ellen Horne for WNYC’s Radio Lab, won the Silver Award for Best Documentary at the 2006 Third Coast Festival.  

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