Here you will find an archive that includes articles on both the art and business of radio production, legal guidance and other thought pieces. While some of this material is dated, we feel much of it continues to offer insight and inspiration to producers at every stage of their careers. Much of the materials come from Radio College, created by radio documentarian Robin White from 1999 - 2003.

Another good source for contemporary resources is Transom.

To whet your whistle: Getting Good Ambient SoundHow To Mic A Field Interview, a primer on Audio Level MeteringScript Guidelines for a Speedy Edit, Jay Allison's Interviewing Tips for radio and more.
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Special thanks to Dolores Brandon, Nannette Oldenbourg, Steve Rowland and Barry Rueger, as well as the broadcast students of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, Class of 2006. — TD

Seminar Archive

Field Recording & ProTools Editing with Tony Dec

April-May 2004

From basic skills to advanced issues, this online seminar, hosted by Tony Dec, covered field recording techniques, editing styles, file management and more. The extended discussions feature wide-ranging ideas for using technology to smooth your workflow and calm your nerves.

Tony Dec is an adjunct professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. He has worked in radio and audio production as a producer, location recordist, editor and director, and has held positions at Sirius Satellite Radio, Sony Entertainment Programming, WMCA Talk Radio, Not The News with Roger Rosenblatt and the Long Island Public Radio Network.

The forum is now closed, but you can still enjoy the Read-only Discussion Boards.

Recommended Reading:
Survival Guide: I-Resources for Radio Journalists and Producers.

Basic Legal Planning for the Producer of Original Programming
or, I Wish I Had Thought of that Before We Started Production

An Interactive Seminar with Ernest Sanchez, Esquire
Tuesday, 27 January 2004

Seminar Transcript

Independent producers face a myriad of legal decisions and challenges in the creation of original programming. Issues of ownership of the final program, all of its elements need be clear from the outset. Also, plans need to be made for the use of the program. It is important to consider how long rights to the program will last, a few years or in perpetuity, and whether the program will be available to listeners, delivered in ways other than radio. Things to consider and plan for include rights to interviews, archival material, music, writing, narration, letters, contributions from other producers, contributions from stations or networks, and more. Ernie Sanchez is one of the most experienced, and most knowledgeable lawyers in the radio system. This seminar could save you many headaches, and many dollars.

Prepatory Reading:Basic Legal Planning by Ernie Sanchez. ( MS Word) ( PDF)

Moderated by AIR Board President Steve Rowland.   

Producers Intensive 2003

AIR is pleased to offer complete recordings of two highly popular and practically valuable Intensive sessions.

Savvy Up: The Business Angle on Public Radio

Celeste Wesson - MPR's Marketplace Productions
Marketplace and The Savvy Traveler are always looking for new voices, especially contributors with distinctive voices who 'get' the show. What makes an idea Marketplace-y? What is a "Savvy" story? Bring your pitches, yellow pads and laptops. Find out what clicks with national vehicle producers and helps you produce a successful feature. Also learn how to write for the shows and what production and performance style each is looking for. We hope to work through at least one piece for each vehicle.

First Half (1.15.00).  Download: MP3 [18mb]
Second Half (25.00).  Download: RealMedia [6mb]

Playing at the Margins: Views from Inside & Outside

Jay Allison - Transom.orgNikki Silva / Davia Nelson - Lost & Found Sound
Jonathan Kern - NPR
Peggy Girshman - NPR
Working within the daily boundaries of style and content is vital steady work, but it's not where the excitement is. The hard decisions come, for both producer and acquirer, when we approach the edges. This session will bring together NPR editors with outside producers to talk about where those edges are, how to push them... and each other. Please bring samples of your most provocative work for discussion.

First Half (1.17.24).  Download: MP3 [36mb]
Second Half (1.19.13).  Download: MP3 [37mb]

Note: The sessions were recorded onsite for personal use by AIR member attendees David Shih and Jeremiah Moore, respectively. AIR is grateful to David and Jeremiah for making these files available to us.