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Thanks so much for your interest in AIR.

AIR offers a range of services and resources to support the individual maker, but our greatest asset is, however, a little hard to measure. Our members continually remind us that the most significant benefit of belonging to AIR is the intangible feeling of community they experience through the AIRdaily discussion list, mingles, and other AIR initiatives that bring our members together across the world. You can take a look at our more tangible benefits below. Feel free to send us an email at if you’d like to set up a time to talk about how AIR will benefit you.

For more than 25 years AIR has helped to prepare thousands of audio creatives across the nation with the skill and confidence to lead the way to engaging more listeners, and to carry their inspiration to both traditional and emerging outlets. AIR also serves as an important advocate, representing media producers at decision-making tables throughout the industry.

AIR members enjoy the follow benefits:

  • Access to AIR's "inner sanctum" – the AIRdaily 24/7 social/professional network. With this list you can solve your technical problems, find tape synchs, and share your joy/pain, your highs and lows.
  • Access to new services and insurance benefits
  • Access to members-only webinars
  • Profile page in AIR’s Talent Directory, which is a destination resource for stations, networks, and other leading media acquisition groups
  • Discounts to industry conferences and events. Scholarships and stipends for selected industry events.
  • One-on-one professional mentoring and training intensives
  • Strategic consultation
  • Discounts on industry software and tools (ex. Hindenburg and SoundCloud)
  • Subscription to AIRblast, our e-newsletter
  • Support for regional audio groups

Read more from Executive Director Sue Schardt on the current media landscape and the role of independents. "We Can Because You Do" will give you a sense of our priorities this year and will hopefully inspire you.

Membership Payments:
Individual Producer: 1 year: $125 / 2 years: $225
Company/Station: Budgets more than $500,000: 1 yr: $320 / 2 yrs $576
Company/Station: Budgets less than $500,000 : 1 yr: $200 / 2 yrs $360
Network: 1 year: $2,000
Student :1 year $45

Two-year memberships enjoy a 10 percent discount.
Company/Stations with budgets under $500k may have two staff persons access all AIR benefits, including the AIRdaily.
Company/Stations with budgets over $500k may have three staff persons access all AIR benefits, including the AIRdaily.
Networks may have fifteen staff persons access all AIR benefits, including the AIRdaily.
Individual memberships are non-transferable.

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[Note: We anticipate changes to the membership structure in 2014.]

If your work is outside of the scope of AIR but are with us in spirit, please take a moment to make a contribution. Your generosity directly supports and strengthens the work of our members, and also advances the important service AIR provides to producers and to the media industry at large.

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Membership Categories

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Individual Producer
1 yr: $125 / 2 yrs: $225

Budgets more than $500,000

1 yr: $320 / 2 yrs $576
includes three staff

Budgets less than $500,000

1 yr: $200 / 2 yrs  $360
includes two staff

1 year: $2,000
includes fifteen staff

1 year $45

Individual memberships are non-transferable.